About Us

Sales Development

We have over 25 years of both sales & marketing experience within a wide variety of IT companies, both private and public, from SME to Multinational. These roles have been held up to board level, where challenging objectives have not only be met, but exceeded.

With experience gained in companies such as Sage, MISYS, Oracle, Nokia and ICL, our vast knowledge and understanding of the technology sector encompasses software, hardware, communications and services. This has enabled us to build a great network of contacts within this industry.

As true IT sales professionals, we have considerable experience of successfully growing and managing not only sales situations, but also whole companies in challenging markets, achieving results far beyond expectations.

We understand the importance of the people skills needed for all the different individuals involved in the success of an organisation, and this is reflected in the management style deployed within all the projects we undertake.

Whether it be a short term, or long term assignment, this results-orientated service can provide an effective solution for your business in the following areas;

  • Sales Recruitment
  • Profiling
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Mentoring
  • Sales Training & Techniques
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

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